Arnold Steiner


Arnold Steiner is the designer and caretaker – the self-appointed guardian and historian – of the clothing traditions of the Ivy League; the images and items, as well as the garments and fashion accessories, that bear the colors of those eight schools that constitute our social and intellectual elite; a style as classic as it is current, and as real as it is inseparable from the Latin inscriptions that reflect the missions of these respective colleges and universities.

These colors, like the values they symbolize and the virtues they represent, neither fade nor run: They are a visual statement – and a tribute from Arnold Steiner himself – to an era of jackets and ties, a time of evening wear and intelligent conversation, and a period of American greatness, where men would walk with confidence through the opulent railway stations of New York and Boston, and Philadelphia and Washington, DC; where they would board locomotives, and dress and act like gentlemen.

Arnold Steiner revives this chapter of elegance with his iconic ties, which complement the texture of an Oxford shirt, the fit of a navy blazer and the accoutrements of a man about town, be it beneath the ivy-covered archways of Harvard or Princeton, or alongside the marble and brass fixtures of our grandest libraries, museums, brownstones and buildings.

Made with pride in America, and woven from the finest fabrics and the richest swatches, Arnold Steiner makes the superior supreme; he gives us his best, in celebration of the best this nation means to every citizen, at home and abroad.

He makes the elite egalitarian, accessible to all with excellence for all.


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